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Subject: RE: Question on the number of column families
Hi Qiang,
thank you for your help.

1. Regarding HBASE-5416, I think it's purpose is simple.

"Avoid loading column families that is irrelevant to filtering while scanning."
So, it can be applied to my 'dummy CF' case.
That is, a dummy CF can act like an 'relevant' CF to filtering, provided that HBase can select it while applying a rowkey filter, since a dummy CF has the rowkey data in its 'dummy' KeyValue object.

2. About rowkey.

What I meant is, I would include the field name as a component when the byte array for a rowkey is constructed.

3. About read-only-ness and the number of CF.

Thank you for your suggestion.
But since MemStore and BlockCache is separately managed on each column family, I'm a little concerned with the memory footprint.

Thank you.

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