the description of hbase-5416 stated why it was introduced, if you only
have 1 CF, dummy CF does not help. it is helpful for multi-CF case,
e.g. "putting
them in one column family. And "Non frequently" ones in another. "

bq. "Field name will be included in rowkey."
Please read the chapter 9 "Advanced usage" in book "HBase Definitive Guide"
about how hbase store data on disk and how to design rowkey based on
specific scenario.(rowkey is the only index you can use, so take care)

bq. "The table is read-only. It is bulk-loaded once. When a new data is
A new table is created and the old table is deleted."
the scenario is quite different.  as hbase is designed for random
read/write.  the limitation described at
http://hbase.apache.org/book/number.of.cfs.html is to consider the write
case(flush&compaction), perhaps you could try 140 CFs, as long as you can
presplit your regions well? after that,  since no write, there will be no
flush/compaction...anyway, any idea better be tested with your real data.
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