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Subject: Re: HBase timestamp consistency aross multiple region servers?
This is kind of a Y answer to an X-Y question.

I want to use time stamp to order the updates by time. These updates

but I guess that counter table might become a hot spot since

There are two possible answers to this question as posed.

1. You want HBase to order your updates by timestamp. This happens

It is already strongly recommend that you run NTP on all of your HBase
servers as a matter of good distributed system hygiene.  If you don't
specify a specific timestamp in your mutations then HBase will use the
latest server time when persisting your values, and you will have updates
ordered by time.
2. You want to retrieve updates by timestamp. In other words, you don't
merely want HBase to order updates by time you also want to have a time
component as row key or part of a composite row key.

There are several schema design solutions to this. You can use Apache
Phoenix with salted keys. You can use Sematext's HBaseWD library. You can
use a separate distributed process for time ordered keys (strictly
speaking, k-ordered) such as Twitter's Snowflake. Choose one that looks
like it would work best for your use case.

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