Hi all,

I'm running Hadoop 1.0.4 and HBase 0.94.12.
I'm also running a Hadoop and HBase OSGi client where most modifications
were in configuration Objects (Hadoop and HBase) where Class Loader is set
to the bundle's CL instead of TCCL.

I manage to successfully execute MapReduce jobs writing to HBase through
API and with Bulk Load. I also have no problems in access to HBase (read,

The only problem I have is with MapReduce where HBase is source. I get the
following error:

*TableInputFormatBase   ยป Cannot resolve the host name for
/xx.xx.xx.xx because of javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: DNS name not
found [response code 3]; remaining name 'xx.xx.xx.xx.in-addr.arpa'*

Inspite of the log error, the MR executes perfectly.

I know the error means that my DNS server does not have the dns records for
my nodes, and it's right, I never had them there, but until I made the CL
changes I never encountered this error, moreover, it works with the error...

Can anyone help me understand what's changed ? is it "OK" to keep running
with this error ?


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