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Flume >> mail # user >> Unable to setup HDFS sink

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Re: Unable to setup HDFS sink
Thanks for your prompt replies. I had switched my core-site.xml and was now using 8020.
That worked, however, I am getting the following output on the console:
Once I send the event to the flume source, it correctly outputs it to the console but display the following messages in the log:
2013-01-13 23:28:20,178 (hdfs-hdfssink-call-runner-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter.doOpen(BucketWriter.java:208)] Creating hdfs://localhost:8020/usr/FlumeData.1358148499961.tmp
2013-01-13 23:28:50,237 (hdfs-hdfssink-roll-timer-0) [INFO - org.apache.flume.sink.hdfs.BucketWriter.renameBucket(BucketWriter.java:427)] Renaming hdfs://localhost:8020/usr/FlumeData.1358148499961.tmp to hdfs://localhost:8020/usr/FlumeData.1358148499961

Notice the time difference between the 'Creating..' and 'Renaming…' lines. Is about 30 secs normal ?

Then when I actually go to the dfs file system I do find the FlumeData.1358148499961 file as expected.


From: Nitin Pawar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>
Date: Sunday, January 13, 2013 11:07 PM
Subject: Re: Unable to setup HDFS sink
Its a jobtracker uri

There shd be a conf in ur hdfs-site.xml and core-site.xml which looks like

You need to use that value

On Jan 14, 2013 12:34 PM, "Vikram Kulkarni" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:
I was able to write using the same hdfs conf from a different sink.
Also, I can open the MapRed administration page successfully at
http://localhost:50030/jobtracker.jsp So that should indicate that the
hdfs path below is valid right? Any other way to check?


On 1/13/13 10:57 PM, "Alexander Alten-Lorenz" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

>Check your HDFS cluster, he's not responding on localhost/<>
>- Alex
>On Jan 14, 2013, at 7:43 AM, Vikram Kulkarni <[EMAIL PROTECTED]<mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>>
>> I am trying to setup a sink for hdfs for HTTPSource . But I get the
>>following exception when I try to send a simple Json event. I am also
>>using a logger sink and I can clearly see the event output to the
>>console window but it fails to write to hdfs. I have also in a separate
>>conf file successfully written to hdfs sink.
>> Thanks,
>> Vikram
>> Exception:
>> [WARN -
>> HDFS IO error
>> java.io.IOException: Call to localhost/<> failed on local
>>exception: java.io.EOFException
>> at org.apache.hadoop.ipc.Client.wrapException(Client.java:1144)
>> My conf file is as follows:
>> # flume-httphdfs.conf: A single-node Flume with Http Source and hdfs
>>sink configuration
>> # Name the components on this agent
>> agent1.sources = r1
>> agent1.channels = c1
>> # Describe/configure the source
>> agent1.sources.r1.type = org.apache.flume.source.http.HTTPSource
>> agent1.sources.r1.port = 5140
>> agent1.sources.r1.handler = org.apache.flume.source.http.JSONHandler
>> agent1.sources.r1.handler.nickname = random props
>> # Describe the sink
>> agent1.sinks = logsink hdfssink
>> agent1.sinks.logsink.type = logger
>> agent1.sinks.hdfssink.type = hdfs
>> agent1.sinks.hdfssink.hdfs.path = hdfs://localhost:50030/flume/events
>> agent1.sinks.hdfssink.hdfs.file.Type = DataStream
>> # Use a channel which buffers events in memory
>> agent1.channels.c1.type = memory
>> agent1.channels.c1.capacity = 1000
>> agent1.channels.c1.transactionCapacity = 100
>> # Bind the source and sink to the channel
>> agent1.sources.r1.channels = c1
>> agent1.sinks.logsink.channel = c1
>> agent1.sinks.hdfssink.channel = c1
>Alexander Alten-Lorenz