Hello Christoper,

I believe the latest versions of BigInsights  does come with Flume 1.3 but
I have been able to successfully upgrade Flume within BigInsights to the
most recent version I know of ( 1.4). The steps are straight-forward.

1) Download the flume v1.4 binary tarball from the Apache Flume site.
2) Perform a backup of the 'bin' , 'lib', 'docs','conf' directory in
$BIGINSIGHTS_HOME/flume/ ( I basically renamed these directories appending
a 13 to their names)
3) Explode the Apache Flume Tarball into any other directory in your
environment ( $HOME/flume140 probably)
4) Copy over the 'bin' , 'lib', 'docs','conf' and 'tools' directory from
your Flume 1.4 directory into your $BIGINSIGHTS_HOME/flume/  ( or
5) Test flume functionality by executing the following command in the 'bin'
directory ' ./flume-ng version'

If everything goes right you should see that flume is updated to version

Try it out and let us know how it goes,

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