The avro source bind property (a2.sources.r1.bind) is for your local
machine (not the remote machine).  Typically you'll set this to localhost
but if you have multiple network interfaces you might need to specify the
specific interface or use "" to listen on all interfaces.  The
remote machine would need to push/send its data to the machine running the
flume agent that is listening on whatever port you specify.  Your Ubuntu
box will be in a receiving mode, it does not connect to a remote box to
pull data.

Windows Application ==(sends data to)==> Ubuntu Listening on Port 4444

You'll need another flume agent running on the Windows Application server
that uses an AvroSink to send log events to the listening AvroSource on
your Ubuntu box. I haven't tried installing windows on Flume but it looks
like it is possible although probably not typical.  Maybe someone else on
the mailing list can comment on any experience they've had using Flume on

If you don't use a Flume agent on the Windows box then you could look at
syslog or something like nxlog to get your log data to the Flume agent
running on Ubuntu.  In this case you will probably want to use a
SyslogSource or the NetcatSource.

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