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Subject: Re: Embedded Agent vs Client SDK

I'm going to just quote the design doc here:

1. A Flume Embedded agent would be useful to applications which send
data to a Flume agent acting as a "collector". Currently using the
RPCClient or HTTPSource, if there is a burst of events or the
collector is unavailable the application is responsible for queueing
the events. By embedding a Flume agent the application would be
configured with a Flume channel alleviating the need to buff�er in the
client application.

2. A similar but su�fficiently diff�erent use case would be to replace
a Flume agent deployed on the source system. In some environments
Flume agents maybe deployed on the source systems simply to have a
buff�er crossing the network boundry. In these scenarios the amount of
work on the operations team could be reduced by simply embedding a
simple agent in the source application. In a similar vane,there are
environments where deploying anything but a J2EE application on
application servers is troublesome.

They are both should be relatively simple to implement.
Hope this helps.


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