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Subject: Flume-ng vs Flume
I have been trying to configure flume in a truely distributed mode using
master / agents configuration. I know it is possible to do so if I run my
agents as "flume node" daemon. But doing so I am restricted to pass various
properties in flume-site.xml like Source Command (tail -f...) etc.
So I switched to using flume-ng agent daemon because that gives me more
flexibility to pass various configuration properties. But using flume-ng, I
do not find a way to connect to master as there is no flume-site.xml
property that is shipped with flume-ng.
I would therefore like to know how can I accomplish my goal of setting up
flume as Master / Agent as well as be able to pass a line separated
flume.conf as we can do it in Flume-Ng.


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