Hi Folks,

We are ready with our first Falcon TLP release candidate. Kudos!

Release package for Falcon 0.6.1 (RC2) is now available after resolving few
issues identified while testing 0.6.1 branch, RC0 and RC1.
This is a big release in terms of introduction of new features and bug
fixes. Thanks to all the contributors and the new committers.

The source tar ball, signature and checksum files can be downloaded from:

Checksums generated from openssl.
MD5 checksum: 130e8c3d4e7492915212f57ed093a4c8

SHA512 checksum: d71ceed3e8b5191ddd945568fe87c3a841b1f14a24aeffef59

To verify signature:
>gpg --verify apache-falcon-0.6.1-sources.tar.gz.asc

Git tag commit-id for the release *release-0.6.1-rc2:*

Falcon Keys are available here:

We have closed around 200 JIRAs as part of this release. The details of
which can be found here:

Please find attached the release document with this mail with brief
explanation on new features.
And please vote on the release.

[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)

+1 from my side,

-Shaik Idris
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