I want to make a couple requests for people generating patches.  First, I'm
finding pull-requests less efficient than patch files.  This is because I
can't use GitHub's merge capabilities.  Given everything that is going on
right now, I would find it helpful if we stick with patch files.

My second request would be for everyone to work on using the same tools and
format to generate patch files and commits.  This would be my preferred
process.  The more people stick to this, the faster we'll be able to review
and merge outstanding patches.

   - A patch you post should be based on a single commit.
   - If you are basing it on multiple commits, please do a branch > rebase
   -i squash before submitting the patch.
   - A patch should have a commit message of the format: "DRILL-XXX:
   message here."
   - Prepare your patch using git format-patch

If you follow these steps, we can import your patches directly as commits,
keeping the commit log accurate and avoiding a bunch of small but extra

I've made small updates to the wiki around these items.  If someone wanted
to expound there on this, that would be great.


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