Hey Guys,

I've pushed a bunch of pending items into master.  These changes include:

- Hive metastore and serde read support
- Thinning out the SQL layer and moving SQL parsing out of the JDBC driver
into the server
- Moving the JDBC driver to work on top of avatica rather than optiq
- Renaming the StorageEngines to StoragePlugins.
- Updating/separating out storage plugins from file format plugins
- Fixes to avoid cast and _MAP[] syntax in queries
- Parquet and JSON field selection support
- Support for basic INFORMATION_SCHEMA capabilities
- Various outstanding bug fixes

Please rebase your outstanding patches.  Additionally, can you please
update this spreadsheet<https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvUC_YMxQ9UkdEdlYmswZ3ZXV19yZVEwWi0xcTRZZ3c#gid=0>so
we can collect what patches are outstanding and make sure someone gets
to them.  We'll just use this to get caught up then move back to a JIRA
workflow (or PR request).

Note, when you rebase, you'll likely need to update the storage parts of
your plans if you were working with file systems given the file/format


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