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Subject: Skeleton Q1 podling report needs input
Attached is a word document with a partial Q1 report that *needs your help
and input to be completed. *

I am slammed and did as much as I can for this round, so please* will
someone pick it up from here to handle creating a shared doc or otherwise
incorporate input to complete the skeleton I started?*

Please note that missing information is marked with XXX. This especially
includes a description of code commits and a summary of topics discussed
prior to February.

In addition, are there other presentations, articles, blogs beyond those I

The rest of the information is correct and up-to-date for the Q1 report.

Thanks much to whomever takes over this round.

 Apache: Project Drill


Apache Drill is a distributed system for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets that is based on Google's Dremel. Its goal is to efficiently process nested data, scale to 10,000 servers or more and to be able to process petabyes of data and trillions of records in seconds.

Drill has been incubating since 2012-08-11.

Three Issues to Address in Move to Graduation:

1. Continue to attract new developers and and early users with a variety of skills and viewpoints
2. Continue to develop deeper community skills and knowledge by building additional releases
3. Demonstrate community robustness by rotating project tasks among multiple project members

Issues to Call to Attention of PMC or ASF Board:


How community has developed since last report:

Community awareness and participation were strengthened through a meeting of the Bay Area Apache Drill User Group in San Jose sponsored by Yahoo! This event expanded participation to include many new to Drill and particularly those interested as potential users (analysts rather than developers) Speakers included Drill project mentor Ted Dunning from MapR, Data Scientist Will Ford from Alpine Data Labs, new Drill committer Julian Hyde from HortonWorks and Aman Sinha, MapR Drill engineer.

Additional events include:
Two new Drill committers accepted appointment: Julian Hyde (HortonWorks) and Tim Chen (Microsoft).
Drill has a new project mentor, Sebastian Schelter.

Mailing list discussions:

Subscriptions to the Drill mailing lists have risen to 399 on dev list and 308 on the user list and 508 uniques across both lists. There has been active and increasing participation in discussions on the developer mailing list, including new participants and developers. Participation on the user list is growing although still small; mainly activity takes place on developer mailing list.

Activity summary for the user mailing list:
February to date 02/26/2014: 21
January 2014, 12
December 2013, 27

Topics in discussion on the user mailing list included but not limited to:

Activity summary for the dev mailing list:
February to date 02/26/2014: 250 (jira; discussion; review requests)
January2014, 156(jira, focused discussions)
December 2013, 51 (jira; focused discussions)

Topics in discussion on the dev mailing list included but not limited to:
February to date 02/26/2014: How to contribute to Drill; review requests for Drill 357, 346, 366, 364; status of Drill functions including Hash functions; support operators  +,- for date and interval arithmetic
January: XXX
December: XXX


For details of code commits, see
There has been continued activity in code commits
XXX contributors have participated in GitHUB code activity; there have been XXX forks.
February code commits include but not limited to: XXX
January code commits include XXX

December code commits include XXX

Community Interactions

Weekly Drill hangout continues, conducted remotely through Google hangouts Tuesday mornings 9am Pacific Time to keep core developers in contact in realtime despite geographical separation.

Community stays in touch through @ApacheDrill Twitter ID, and by postings on various blogs including Apache Drill User which has had several updates and through international presentations at conferences.

Viability of community is also apparent through active participation in the Bay Area Apache Drill User group meeting in early November, which has grown to 440 members.

Sample presentations:

“How to Use Drill” by Ted Dunning and Will Ford, Bay Area Apache Drill Meet-up 24 February
“How Drill Addresses Dynamic Typing” by Julian Hyde, Bay Area Apache Drill Meet-up 24 February
“New Features and Infrastructure Improvements” by Aman Sinha, Bay Area Apache Drill Meet-up 24 February



Examples of articles or reports on Apache Drill since last report include:

Drill blog post by Ellen Friedman at Apache Drill User updating community on how people will use Drill and inviting comments/ questions from remote participants as part of the Drill User Group

Drill blog post by Ellen Friedman at Apache Drill User reports on appointment of new Drill committers and new mentor

Social Networking

@ApacheDrill Twitter entity is active and has grown substantially by 19%, to 744 followers.

How project has developed since last report:
Progress is being made on aggregation XXX
Work on ODBC driver has begun with a new group led by George Chow in Seattle.
Significant code drops have been checked in from a number of developers XXX?
Work toward 2nd milestone is progressing substantially.

Please check this [ ] when you have filled in the report for Drill.

Ted Dunning: [](drill)
Grant Ingersoll: [ ](drill)
Isabel Drost: [ ](drill)
Sebastian Schelter: [ ](drill)

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