Team, I am focusing on drill funcs specially Substr function.

I am targeting to fix these issues for this task:
4. Implementing substr(<parameter>, start) func
So I have few questions for the same:

1.I get this exception sometimes:
EigenbaseContextException:[ From line 1, column 8 to line 1, column 22 ] <
SqlValidatorException:[ No match found for function signature substr(<ANY>,
I guess its because Optiq does not consider substr as a valid
token/function. How can we add the new names to optiq's permitted keywords.
How can I go ahead fixing this.

2. Have also stumbled across similar error:
ERROR o.a.h.h.s.typeinfo.TypeInfoFactory - varchar type used with no type
Query failed: org.apache.drill.exec.rpc.RpcException: Remote failure while
running query
message: "Failure while running fragment. < RuntimeException:[ varchar type
used with no type params ]"

This happens there is no Drill Func match found - and there is a search for
the func in Hive. The error pops out of hive.
Was thinking of placing an exception handling and having a more proper
message that would let the user know that the func is not available rather
that Hive's internal exception messages.


Will keep posting my findings & doubts.

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