Flume, mail # user - Re: Does File Channel write first? - 2014-02-26, 22:03
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Re: Does File Channel write first?

Thanks for the link, Hari!

It looks like the only way to avoid having Flume write data to be sent to
Sink on disk first is by using
https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FLUME-1227 , once it's committed.

I have a few related questions:

* How/when does Flume delete data from FileChannel?
* Does it delete individual "records" as soon as a "record" is sent out?
* Does it periodically purge batches of data?
* Is there a notion of TTL, like in Kafka, where data is not removed
explicitly by its consumer, but is deleted by Kafka Broker after some TTL?

* What happens with data that could not be sent?
* I know there is a retry and backoff mechanism.  But does Flume at some
point give up on trying to send some (old) piece of data out because it's
tried > N times or for > M seconds?

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