Flume, mail # dev - [RESULT] Flume 1.5.0 release vote - 2014-05-19, 23:18
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[RESULT] Flume 1.5.0 release vote
The release vote for Apache Flume 1.5.0 has been completed in this thread: http://apache.markmail.org/thread/o2m3udia6pjfru4t

The vote has received 3 binding +1 votes from the following PMC members:
Arvind Prabhakar
Jarek Jarcec Cecho
Hari Shreedharan

Three non-binding +1 votes were received from:
Roshan Naik
Ashish Paliwal
Wolfgang Hoschek

No +0 or -1 votes were received.

Since three +1 votes were received from the PMC with no -1 votes, the vote passes and Flume 1.5.0 RC1 will be promoted to the Flume 1.5.0 release. Thanks to all who voted!
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