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Flume >> mail # dev >> ElasticSearchSink: should we combined the proposed interfaces for event serialization and id assignment

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Re: ElasticSearchSink: should we combined the proposed interfaces for event serialization and id assignment
Hi Mike,
To get more detailed, the problem is that writing the event to
elasticsearch so that Kibana can read it requires that it be written to the
correct index and have the correct @timestamp header. If the timestamps
used for both of those things is not the same then there is a risk that
Kibana won't be able to find the event. This is because Kibana searches for
events by taking the time interval you specify in the interface,
determining which indexes include that time interval and then querying
those indexes by the @timestamp field.

So, if the sink decides that it needs to provide the timestamp, and it
can't put the timestamp into the event itself then the
ElasticSearchEventSerializer implementation has no way to get that
timestamp. If we relied on the serializer doing System.currentTimeMillis()
itself then we run the risk of the event being written at midnight. It
might decide to put the event in yesterday's index with today's date.

Could we keep the old interface and only use the new one if it's there?
The problem with that is that the sink may decide to provide a new
timestamp - but the interface implementation has no way of being told what
it is.

I've just written the code to do it this way and will be adding it to the
ticket sometime soon.

On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 4:04 PM, Mike Percy <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Edward,
> I added you to CC but I would also recommend subscribing to the dev list
> due to how the list headers are configured.
> This is a rough situation. I am loathe to break API compatibility but at
> the same time I don't know much about ES and feel I need to find some time
> to invest in understanding the ES concepts and how Flume is interacting
> with them in this sink.
> Without thinking about it very hard yet, I'd ask if we can just add a new
> interface that doesn't suck and maybe is more extensible without breaking
> the old one.
> Also wondering if other devs have thoughts on this.
> Mike
> On Thu, Apr 18, 2013 at 11:57 AM, Edward Sargisson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> (I read this list in digest mode; would you mind ccing me on any replies?)
>> I've got two patches progressing through Jira (FLUME-1782, FLUME-1972).
>> -1782 fixes a defect where the wrong timestamp field and elasticsearch
>> index name are used. -1972 adds an interface which users can implement to
>> assign an id instead of letting elasticsearch randomly assign on.
>> The question to discuss: should we(I) combine those interfaces and just
>> have a single interface.
>> Mike Percy has kindly reviewed FLUME-1782 and the knock-on effect of his
>> comments require that the ElasticSearchEventSerializer interface be
>> changed
>> - and thus this becomes a breaking change. I had been attempting to avoid
>> that and this is why -1972 has a new interface.
>> If we're going to break the interface then maybe we should go all the way
>> and put the new id provider functionality on to it as well? We could also
>> rename it to ElasticsearchEventSerializer (lower case s on search) to
>> match
>> the way the maintainer of elasticsearch spells it.
>> The new interface would be:
>> public interface ElasticSearchEventSerializer extends Configurable,
>>     ConfigurableComponent {
>>   static final Charset charset = Charset.defaultCharset();
>>   XContentBuilder getContentBuilder(Event event, Long timestampOverride)
>> throws IOException;
>>   String getId(Event event)
>> }
>> The timestampOverride would only be non-null if there was no timestamp
>> header.
>> Thoughts?
>> Cheers,
>> Edward