Hi Liang,

We went through the documentation of Presto and there were some issues with
Presto 0.166 version which were resolved in later versions. There is a lot
of performance improvement in 0.166 and 0.179  as the ways joins are
interpreted in Presto are different from 0.166. Please see below for two
most important reasons why we choose to ran it on 0.179.

1. Fixed issue which could cause incorrect results when processing
dictionary encoded data. If the expression can fail on bad input, the
results from filtered-out rows containing bad input may be included in the
query output.

2. The order in which joins are executed in a query can have a significant
impact on the query’s performance. The aspect of join ordering that has the
largest impact on performance is the size of the data being processed and
passed over the network. If a join is not a primary key-foreign key join,
the data produced can be much greater than the size of either table in the
join– up to |Table 1| x |Table 2| for a cross join. If a join that produces
a lot of data is performed early in the execution, then subsequent stages
will need to process large amounts of data for longer than necessary,
increasing the time and resources needed for the query causing query
failure. This issue has been fixed in the presto-version 11.3. Release
0.178 onwards.

Thanks and regards
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