The patch is ready
Please checkout an comment and possibly merge :-)

minor details:
- I have not used the Netty4 "recycler" because we are using directly
CreateLedgerOp (and similar) so the memory footprint is exactly the same as
4.5, we can add it in the future (or backport Yahoo improvements from
- I have tried to create a complete Client API, so create/open/delete at
- You will find that javadocs are minimal, it will be another huge task to
create all of them. We should add references to the new API for each
"legacy" method
- I have added a CompletableFuture API for readEntries too, the change is
minimal as so the API will "more" consistent from my point of view
- about the tests: I have added minimal test cases to cover all the
important aspectes, as we are only "renaming" the low level API existing
test cases are good
This work is actually "blocking" the patch for BP-14, I have already a
prototype for BP-14 but I would not like to spend too much time at rebasing
and resolving conflicts

Thank you
I know it will take time to review

2017-09-12 10:09 GMT+02:00 Enrico Olivelli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
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