Thanks a lot for your time Yiming and Enrico. :)

Regarding the security, we could do it in a separate BP,  and make this BP
more focus on filling up the useful endpoints. How about it?

On Wed, Sep 13, 2017 at 3:30 PM, Enrico Olivelli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
[jia] It is targeting for the admin portal. the existence of the ledger api
is just to simplify debugging or operations. we can eliminate the ‘create’
[jia] The BP focuses on filling up the useful endpoints. The security will
be a separate BP.
[jia] We could add pagination into all the `list` api.
[jia] Thanks, we are not planning to implement an http client. we will
remove ‘create’ here.
[jia] The BP proposes adding a standard naming convention for adding admin
endpoints. Feel free to propose the endpoints you would like to appear in
the http admin portal.
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