push the merge button…… Almost - but not quite !  

Sorry for the lack of clarity --- as i recently learned of this process.  I've gotten up to speed on the details: Here they are:

I'll walk through the way this script
is used…..
1)  Rather than actually submitting a patch, the user submits a  pull request and a branch is created
by the commiter, automatically using the script:
run_cmd("git fetch %s pull/%s/head:%s" % (PR_REMOTE_NAME, pr_num, pr_branch_name))

2) Then, the script checks via github api if the patch is mergeable.

pr = get_json("%s/pulls/%s" % (GITHUB_API_BASE, pr_num))

3) Then, the pull request is merged and pushed to apache:
merge_hash = merge_pr(pr_num, target_ref)

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