Hey Jay,
Currently we don't patch things in Bigtop. That means when we download and
include, say Hadoop 2.0.2 in Bigtop 0.8, our maven artifacts for hadoop
(say hadoop-common.jar) would have the version 2.2.0 - exactly the same
version as what upstream hadoop released.

So, now 2 options exist for bigpetstore in my opinion:
1. Pull upstream Hadoop artifacts from maven. You will rely on Apache
Hadoop artifacts instead of bigtop artifacts. However, since Bigtop doesn't
patch, java artifacts should be exactly the same from Bigtop as compared to
Apache Hadoop.
2. Pull Bigtop artifacts for maven. For this, we will obviously need Bigtop
to a) start updating pom files with its own versioning scheme b) Upload
them to maven central or equivalent.

As you can see option #2 is a fairly non-trivial overhead for Bigtop but I
would love to hear if you prefer one of the two options and if so why.

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