I'm not super familiar with Gradle yet, but here are my thoughts:

- It can't be any worse than make. I mean, $$($(1)-deb). I'd much prefer
debugging a more modern language, and as Cos points out, it's intended for
a JVM ecosystem but can do other things when needed.
- I'd prefer we leave Make around for perhaps one more release just to
really solidify the Gradle system a bit more. However if we keep it
deprecated, I see no point in "maintaining" both, meaning that if people
want to add new features to the build (several JIRAs going on for that
right now) - there's no need to keep adding that to the Makefile, let's
just keep the versions and metadata for new projects up to date. I don't
believe we routinely run into bugs, so I doubt much work will have to be
put in outside of bigtop.mk.
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