On Fri, Jan 24, 2014 at 03:28PM, Mark Grover wrote:

In the interest of full disclosure, we do patch certain things - just grep for
sed in the packages source tree. Builds would be one things; we did patch
source on a couple of occasions in the past to deal with some idiosyncrasies
of the official releases.

But yes - we frown upon such occasions ;)
I think what would be most helpful from the ease of development in the stack -
and I have stepped on it more than a few times myself - is to be able to do
maven install for the _whole_ project from the top level pom. As of right now,
one needs to do a bit of rain dance in order to get all the bits in place. And
that's quite annoying apparently. I guess that'd be the next thing to me to
look into it.

Just occurred to me, that if package driving Makefile is replaced with Gradle
that will give a way better consistency of all the parts of the Bigtop
environment and stack. Perhaps, it is my severely under-slept brain is talking
now ;)

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