Hey bigtop ! Just wanted to thank everyone that helped me with BIGTOP-1200,

- Roman for the original patch i stole
- Cos for helping get the format right, tireless immediate reviews,and
refining the code to perfection
- Mark also for helping refine the code, formatting, and logic line by line.
- Anyone else i might have forgotten !

Here is why this is important to us.... We want all file systems to be
first class citizens in the hadoop ecosystem, and we're working hard to
this end.

Now we can take the work which is in BIGTOP, and use it demonstrate to the
broader community how they can feedback into the bigtop community for a
independant standard of provisioning file systems.

My next HCFS Goals will be bridging the gap between ambari and the bigtop /
hcfs community, wherever possible:


So , just saying thanks for helping me to maintain HCFS compliance inside
of bigtop.  This is going to make hadoop even more universal in the big
data space, and ensure that all of us have the ability to provide extremely
pluggable, high quality storage solutions to the mapreduce and yarn

Now, onwards and upwards with BIGTOP-1235 !!!!!!!!!!!

See you folks in denver.
Jay Vyas

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