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The February board meeting took place on the 19th.

The following directors were present:

  Shane Curcuru
  Bertrand Delacretaz
  Roy T. Fielding
  Jim Jagielski
  Chris Mattmann
  Brett Porter
  Greg Stein

Apologies were received from Sam Ruby.

The following officers were present:

  Ross Gardler
  Rich Bowen
  Craig L Russell

The following guests were present:

  Sean Kelly
  Daniel Gruno
  Phil Steitz
  Jake Farrell
  Marvin Humphrey
  David Nalley
  Noah Slater

The January minutes were approved.
Minutes will be posted to

The following reports were not approved and are expected next month:

 Report from the Apache Lenya Project  [Richard Frovarp]

The following reports were not received and are expected next month:

  Report from the Apache Abdera Project  [Ant Elder]
  Report from the Apache Buildr Project  [Alex Boisvert]
  Report from the Apache Click Project  [Malcolm Edgar]
  Report from the Apache Community Development Project  [Luciano Resende]
  Report from the Apache Continuum Project  [Brent Atkinson]
  Report from the Apache Creadur Project  [Robert Burrell Donkin]
  Report from the Apache DirectMemory Project  [Raffaele P. Guidi]
  Report from the Apache Giraph Project  [Avery Ching]
  Report from the Apache Velocity Project  [Nathan Bubna]

All other reports to the board were approved.

The following resolutions were passed unanimously:

  A. Establish the Apache Open Climate Workbench Project (Michael Joyce, VP)
  B. Change the Apache Incubator Project Chair (Roman Shaposhnik, VP)
  C. Establish the Apache Spark Project (Matei Zaharia, VP)
  D. Establish the Apache Knox Project (Kevin Minder, VP)

The next board meeting will be on the 19th of March.
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