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Zookeeper >> mail # dev >> Curator, a ZooKeeper Recipe Proposal

Jordan Zimmerman 2011-12-13, 16:46
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Re: Curator, a ZooKeeper Recipe Proposal
Hi Jordan, Here is some feedback. I like the proposal and it makes  
sense to have such a project as either sub-project or incubator. I  
have a few concerns, though:

1- I haven't been following closely the development of the recipes,  
but I wonder if it really makes sense to deprecate the current ones in  
favor of Curator's, or if it is a better idea to keep multiple  
versions in the case of duplicates. People in the community have spent  
time on the current recipes, so I don't like very much the idea of  
dropping the current recipes without some evidence that the community  
accepts it. Note that I'm not saying that deprecating is not the right  
thing to do, I'm simply saying that we need to make sure that the  
community agrees.

2- The set of committers needs to be more diverse. Perhaps it would be  
easier to find more committers if you follow the incubation process,  
given that typically people sign up for committership once you post a  
proposal there. I wonder how many other people on this list would like  
to volunteer to become a committer of Curator, though. I like the  
project, but unfortunately I don't have the cycles to do it.

3- If Curator becomes a sub-project of ZooKeeper, then you need at  
least one mentor. Is there anyone who would like to sign up to mentor  


On Dec 13, 2011, at 5:46 PM, Jordan Zimmerman wrote:

> While we're not interested in submitting Curator to the Incubator,  
> I've
> prepared a proposal for including Curator as a ZooKeeper sub-project  
> or
> inclusion in the main project. Here's the proposal (for commenting,  
> etc.):
> Curator, a ZooKeeper Recipe Proposal
> ===================================>
> == Abstract => Users of Apache ZooKeeper would greatly benefit from having a high  
> quality
> implementation of common recipes included with the ZooKeeper  
> distribution.
> Curator is that implementation.
> == Proposal => Apache ZooKeeper should produce a new artifact for recipes/
> applications.
> This artifact should either be a ZooKeeper sub-project or top-level  
> part
> of ZooKeeper itself. For Java (and possibly other JVM based  
> languages),
> the Netflix Curator project should be the artifact.
> The recipe implementations currently included with the ZooKeeper
> distribution should be deprecated in favor of Curator.
> == Background => ZooKeeper consists of server software and client software. The client
> implementations that are part of the ZooKeeper distribution are very  
> low
> level and difficult to use correctly. Further, implementing the  
> recipes
> listed in the ZooKeeper documentation is non-trivial and involves deep
> knowledge of ZooKeeper best practices and edge cases.
> == Rationale => The existing clients for ZooKeeper are difficult to use and are  
> limited.
> Further, correct usage of ZooKeeper is non-trivial and non-obvious.  
> Users
> of ZooKeeper are mostly interested in the recipes/applications and  
> are not
> likely interested in becoming experts in the minutiae of correct  
> ZooKeeper
> client usage. What they want is a simple way to use the recipes.  
> Curator
> is directed at this goal.
> == Current Status => Curator is an active open source project hosted at Github
> (https://github.com/netflix/curator). It has no dependencies other  
> than
> industry standard libraries. It provides implementations for all  
> recipes
> listed on the ZooKeeper recipes doc as well as a high level  
> framework for
> using ZooKeeper that simplifies most of the low level housekeeping
> normally required.
> Curator has been open since October, 2011 and has been reviewed by  
> several
> active members of the ZooKeeper community.
> Netflix is a strong proponent of open source and is supportive of
> providing the community with this project.
> == Core Developers => The initial set of committers are all employees of Netflix, Inc. The  
> lead
> developer is Jordan Zimmerman ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), Senior  
> Platform

It would be good to have more diversity here. I would love to  
contribute, but I don't feel I have cycles for now.



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