I'm trying to learn if Avro currently supports deep polymorphic types like
outlined here:

If not, could the standard be extended?

The use case is this... I want to send an AlarmMessage, serialized as a
Message[PayloadKind].  The receiving side would have enough type data to
reconstruct the AlarmMessage (Alarm is of type Event, which is of type
PayloadKind).  In other words I'd "listen" for Message[PayloadKind] and be
handed an AlarmMessage.

Of course we'd need to have schema entries for any kind of Event (or
PayloadKind child for that matter), but there'd also need to be a way to
represent these intermediate marker traits.


(A trivial json example of what I mean can be found here:
https://github.com/gzoller/ScalaJack/blob/master/doc/classesAndTraits.md )
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