If you're using Avro's RPC mechanism, schemas are only sent when the
client and server do not already have each other's schema.  Each
client request is preceded by a hash of the clients schema and the
schema it thinks the server is using.  If the server already has the
client's schema, and the client already has the server's, then the
server can directly respond.  If they do not have the other's schema
then schemas are transmitted and cached.  This way the server's schema
is only transmitted for the first request from a given client, and the
client's schema is only transmitted to the server the first time a
client with that schema connects.

Avro Python does support RPC.

If you're not using Avro RPC but some other messaging mechanism, then
AVRO-1124 as you mention might be useful, but it also has not yet been

If you're storing Avro data in a file, then the Schema is included in
the file, as you mention.


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