There've been some requests to release Avro version 1.7.7 soon.

I'm happy to create a release candidate next week and call a vote.

I suspect there are a number of issues we might commit first.

The list of open issues set to be fixed in 1.7.7 is here:

If there are issues you'd like to get into 1.7.7, these should be
marked as "Fix for: 1.7.7" and as "Patch Available".  These each then
need be reviewed and a decision whether to include them in the

Can folks please review "Patch Available" issues and indicate whether
they think it should be committed?  A committer must make the final
decision of whether to commit each change, but reviews by independent
non-committers help considerably.

API changes in 1.7.7 must be back-compatible, and data format changes
must be both back- and forward-compatible.



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