Personally, I'd rather see #2.

I think it's very hard to know what the current use of Ruby 1.8 is. Support
from the MRI community only ended ~1 year ago[1]. JRuby still supports
running in 1.8 mode. They'll be dropping it in their next major release,
but there isn't a schedule for that yet and they expect the current major
release line to continue for some time after that[2]. Additionally, Heroku
won't be ending support until the end of this month[3]. Even after that,
it's not clear to me that they won't allow users to keep using it.

 As mentioned previously I'm a JRuby-in-1.9-mode user and I usually just
work with the Java libraries directly. So this won't directly impact me,
but I agree that it sucks when upgrades break things. So I don't feel like
#1 is an option.

We could also investigate maintaining a single gem that just had two
implementations with in it, with the active one determined by the Ruby



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