Yes, we've confirmed this internally too (Santhosh did the work here):

When an agent becomes unreachable while the master is running, it sends

The separate code path for markUnreachableAfterFailover appears to have
been added by this commit:

And I think this totally breaks the promise of introducing the
PARTITION_AWARE stuff in a backwards-compatible way.

So right now, yes we rely on reconciliation to finally mark the tasks as
LOST and reschedule their replacements.

I think the only reason we haven't been more impacted by this at Twitter is
our Mesos master is remarkably stable (compared to Aurora's daily

We have two paths forward here: push forward and embrace the new partition
awareness features in Aurora and/or push back on the above change with the
Mesos community and have a better story for non-partition aware APIs in the
short term.

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