Hi everyone,

Following up on the discussion here:

I've created a design document detailing the implementation of a "hot
standby" mechanism where scheduler followers would eagerly read and
apply entries from the replicated log. The goal of this change is
that, in the event of a failover, the newly elected follower will not
have to replay as many entries to rebuild its state and thus can start
serving traffic faster.


I have a working prototype of the above design running on a test
cluster. Please feel free to comment on the doc!

This document references a current proposal in Mesos by Ilya Pronin
here: https://lists.apache.org/thread.html/1b8fd10e151054a85c9ea3dc808f7fecb9a87fe5f5e87b10caa46e2a@%3Cdev.mesos.apache.org%3E


Jordan Ly
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