Comments inline:
I take exception to the insinuation that (some) community members "care
only for tasks/PRs assigned to them by somebody else". It is quite possible
or likely that these members are eager to see new features, new
functionalities, or new code added to the project because they get excited
by such things. You need to take into account the mindset of people who are
submitting PRs to add a new functionality or fix a bug. The PR author's
focus correctly is on addressing that particular JIRA and ensuring that
JIRA gets resolved at the highest quality. To burden that PR author with
unrelated considerations of build systems, vulnerability findings and such
is not fair. Note that the project is (or should be) primarily driven by
users (and customers in case of vendors shipping this code in products) who
use these features and pay for these features. So we need to balance the
long term concerns about "security issues" and quality with the immediate
term concerns about adding features and functionalities.

Totally agree. However when we discuss or "think through" any concerns they
should apply to the issue at hand (i.e. the newly introduced functionality
and bug fixes) and not external factors.
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