there isn't any multi-DC support in hadoop core right now -block placement,
work scheduling is done on the assumption that there is a bandwidth cost
for working across that backbone, but it is still gigabit rate all the way
up its tree. Even if your cross site bandwidth is that high, other
assumptions in the Hadoop code surface

   - latency of cross-rack communications is low and not significantly
   different from intra-rack comms
   - protocols between machines can assume that packet failures are the
   kind that surface on a LAN, not a WAN (lower failure rate, less
   buffered/bursty traffic)
   - external infrastructure (like DNS, NTP) are consistent everywhere
   - Network partitions are rare and significant enough to react to by
   re-replicating data -an expensive operation and overkill for a transient
   WAN outage.

Zookeeper will be extra-brittle here, as group membership protocols tend to
have aggressive timeouts to detect loss of members fast. I'd be really
surprised if it worked well across >1 site.

Wandisco do provide multi-DC hadoop support for Hadoop platforms: - I don't know what that
does about applications running on the cluster, or depend on ZK.

I suspect that anyone working across sites is going to have to run ZK &
Accumulo on each, and treat operations that span sites as separate queries
where the results need to be merged in -something that would need to go
into the query engines, though for now you could build a workflow that did
an MR on each site, then an final reduce on one of the sites


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