And for those who are actually curious about how to get IRC/Github
integration working:

10:16:07 <@Humbedooh> stuff happens on github, stuff gets sent to the
dev@ list  and our pubsub service
10:24 10:16:18 <@Humbedooh> our pubsub forwards to IRC
10:24 10:16:26 <@Humbedooh> and then you can reply on the dev list or
via IRC
10:24 10:16:44 < madrob> reply via IRC means /q ASFBot ?
10:24 10:17:20 < madrob> can you only comment, or can you close too?
10:24 10:17:31 <@Humbedooh> ASFBot: github reply accumulo 6 testing, 1 2 3 4
10:24 10:17:31 <+ASFBot> Comment added to PR 6.
10:24 10:17:52 <@Humbedooh> instructions on how to close a PR is
included in the  email you get when a new PR is opened

On 2/18/14, 9:51 AM, Josh Elser wrote:
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