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Subject: [DISCUSS] DRAFT End of Life for Accumulo 1.4
Presented for feedback / discussion: draft ANNOUNCE message for the
user@accumulo list.

I think the Apache release rules prevent me including language like "here's
where you can get the unreleased work to date" or "you should download
patches from jira and apply them"
Accumulo users,

Recently the Accumulo community has voted to end support for the 1.4 line
of development[1].

For users, the practical implications are:

1) The Accumulo PMC does not plan to make further releases on the 1.4 line
and strongly encourages users to upgrade to a supported release[2].

2) Download links for the 1.4 releases are now expected to only be
available from the archive[3].

3) Open tickets will no longer accept target fixes for the 1.4.x series.

4) Documentation specific to the 1.4 line has been moved to an "old
documentation" page[4].

Users should still file tickets against existing 1.4 releases for issues
that arise but are strongly encouraged to verify if the problem also
applies to a supported release.

Work on the 1.4 line since the 1.4.5 release has been preserved but the PMC
does not intend to release it. Those interested in contributions that apply
to problems in the 1.4 line post end-of-life should become involved in the
developer mailing list for further details[5].



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