I can confirm that the metadata (at least what is handled by the geotools
DataStore.updateSchema method) is completely different that the !METADATA

Your question is really going to entirely defined by the software you are
using to provide the accumulo based DataStore implementation - most
authoritative answer is going to be to ping / ask on their list / file a

Moving to a new version of geotools may not help if the underlying code
doesn't implement the updateSchema method  --  (if it does, you can just
look and see what it does & mimic that).

Depending on the persistence model the updateSchema method might require
more than just editing the type definition - you might have to mutate
existing entries as well.

Since people are accessing the data as is my suggestion would be to write
some code to copy the data from the old feature type to the new one (the
one you want to update to), vet everything works, then move over to the new
feature type.   (basically the copy-on-write version of what updateSchema
would do)
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