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Subject: Re: scan iterator that rolls up col vis
you should be able to roll up on keys with a condition similar to:

if( source.hasTop() ) {
  Key start = new Key(source.getTopKey()); // avoid instance-reuse issues
  long count = 0;
  while( source.hasTop() && start.equals( source.getTopKey(),
    count += deserialize(source.getTopValue());;
  Value new_top_value = serialize(count);
  // start can represent the top key of the iterator

We can flesh this out further if you run into issues. I think that we may
need to set the start key's timestamp to 0 so that it sorts after all the
other cells with a similar prefix.
On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 10:41 PM, Matthew Purdy <
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