For completeness here, and to wrap up this thread, the issue was identified
as caused by THRIFT-1805, which regressed (a second time) an issue which
suppressed TApplicationExceptions and simply caused the connection to be
closed, resulting in what looked like a network issue (TTransportException)
in the client.

ACCUMULO-2950 was opened to deal with this, and the patch is being tested,
and is expected to restore the original behavior in 0.9.0. It does fix the
issue identified in ACCUMULO-2935, but I made it a separate issue, so it
was clearly documenting the underlying problem, separately from the symptom.

Further, I reviewed the entire changeset from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 in
libthrift.jar and I didn't see any other changes that should cause any
trouble for us.
Christopher L Tubbs II
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