Please consider the following candidate for Apache Accumulo 1.5.2

Tag: 1.5.2rc0
SHA1: 1f03ba93f8fc8b24b85873d6f024bd05dd102e11
Staging Repository:

Source tarball:
Binary tarball:
(Append ".sha1", ".md5" or ".asc" to download the signature/hash for a
given artifact.)

Signing keys available at:

Over 1.5.1, we have 97 issues resolved. You can find them at

Testing: all unit and functional tests are passing. I ran some brief
tests with continuous ingest (~3B entries ingested with two tservers,
killing them periodically) and a few Randomwalk modules. Keith told me
in IRC today that he's running a Continuous Ingest run on EC2.

This vote will be open until Tuesday, August 12th 12:00AM UTC.

- Josh
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