Oh, I like that idea, Bill & Sean.

Package: org.apache.accumulo.cluster
Public API: org.apache.accumulo.cluster.AccumuloCluster
MAC: org.apache.accumulo.cluster.mini.MiniAccumuloCluster (implements
AccumuloCluster, allows for backwards compat)
Yarn: org.apache.accumulo.cluster.yarn
Docker: ...
Mesos: ...

etc etc etc.

One question in my mind, do we keep the maven module
'accumulo-minicluster'? I would imagine that if we struck the 'mini'
portion from 1.6 that would create some confusion. Would it be worth the
indirection to rename accumulo-minicluster to accumulo-cluster and then
create a new accumulo-minicluster module that depends on
accumulo-minicluster (but contains no code itself) to preserve the 1.4
and 1.5 poms to generally work with a version bump? I'm not sure if
Maven would be happy with that or do what I think it "should".

On 3/28/14, 6:26 AM, Bill Havanki wrote:
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