I'd prefer not adding additional complexity to the release build, and to
have regular builds do as much checking in advance of doing release builds,
as possible.

The problem this fixed was that committers *weren't* checking license
files, and a few people who noticed had to go back and clean up after
others. Putting it in the release profile only defers that to the release
manager, which slows down releasing.

What we can do, to help contributors, is update the .gitignore files to
ignore these build items in specific modules (the ones that exist for the
given branch) so that ones leftover from a previous branch show up as new
files when switching to a branch where the previous module no longer exists
(because they won't be ignored by git and hidden from 'git status').
Additionally, we could stop recommending people use "git clean -fdx" and
actually help them understand how to identify the issue by suggesting they
actually read the build output and respond to it accordingly (eg. open
target/rat.txt and find the offending issues and triage whether those are
actually missing licenses or are simply leftover from a previous branch).
Christopher L Tubbs II
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