I have reviewed the feedback from the proposal thread and consolidated it
into a set of guidelines for an Accumulo Blog. In accordance with the bylaws
this vote will require Lazy Approval to pass and will remain open for 3
business days. I'll tally the votes on Thursday morning.


1.       The blog will be hosted on the Apache Blogs site[1].

2.       The blog will be set up using the instructions at [2] to enable
public preview.

3.       Proposed blog content will be posted in full-text or link form to
the dev mailing list.

4.       Blog content requires Lazy Approval votes that are open for at
least 3 days.

5.       Content may be cross-posted from other sites provided that the
content is more than just a link to the other site. The full text of the
original article is preferred.

6.       Content may be cross-posted to other sites provided that there is a
link back to the Accumulo blog site.


[1] http://blogs.apache.org/

[2] http://www.apache.org/dev/project-blogs


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