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Subject: Re: moving rat to a profile?
I agree that instructing users to use this option to modify the build isn't
acceptable and I wouldn't recommend this as a response to users... I was
only stating this as a fact, to point out that a special profile on by
default with an option to disable isn't needed, since that's the current

I'm more interested in the targeted .gitignore with the recommended "git
clean -df" option without -x. This helps contributors understand build
tools, makes them aware of the differences between branches, and doesn't
hide problems introduced by switching branches in an obscure error, all
without blowing away their IDE build files. (though switching branches
often warrants blowing these IDE files away anyway, since different modules
in different branches will be problematic for most IDEs).
Christopher L Tubbs II
On Tue, Jun 17, 2014 at 4:47 PM, Alex Moundalexis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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