I don't know what everyone's schedules are. If the point of a vote was
to begin performing testing, I'd say yes, or if this were RC1, I'd say
yes (or extended it to 4 days so it's not a surprise). However, since
we're already in the RC mindset, having had 3 prior ones already, an
RC4 was already expected to be forthcoming. Since I don't think any of
the issues since RC3 invalidate the previous testing, and because this
is RC4, having gone through several previous candidates, I think a 3
day vote starting on Friday is fine. That gives many people an
opportunity to examine the release candidate's changes since the last
one, whether they do so on a weekend or whether they do so on Monday.

I'm not concerned about the lack of initial activity... that's usually
the pattern for votes.

Do you think you need extra time to evaluate the release candidate? Do
we need to discuss an extension?

Christopher L Tubbs II
On Mon, Apr 28, 2014 at 8:24 AM, William Slacum

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