On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 1:00 PM, Keith Turner <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

I think for 1.5.1, it is sufficient to include a section of 1.5.1
changes, followed by 1.5.0 changes. I think tasks, tests, and
sub-tasks should be excluded from this list entirely. In the future,
we can devote more time to ensuring summaries are more useful, but I
wouldn't concern ourselves with that today, for 1.5.1. One thing I do
want to do for 1.5.1 (and will do immediately after composing this),
is update those issues I mentioned which are currently labeled as "New
Feature", which should be labeled "Improvement".

I think we should make it a point to create a release notes html page
for each release, linked on the download page instead of the CHANGES
file, since they seem to serve different purposes. I think the release
notes should contain the things which people have suggested throughout
this thread, such as: prominent features, major bug fixes, and
incompatibility notices, upgrade information, and known bugs that we
may discover shortly after release. This document does not need to be
final, and can be updated at any time (pre-release, after vote, after
we find a major bug 3 months from now, whenever).

Christopher L Tubbs II

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