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Subject: [DISCUSS] Accumulo blog


  I'm wondering if there is interest in creating/maintaining a blog for the
community. Apache has infrastructure for this[1] and some instructions for
setting one up[2]. I have seen other projects use a different service, so we
could go that route too. I'm not a big fan of the Apache blog layout, but it
may be the easiest thing to do.


  Other than an email announcement, there is no other place that I know of
for publishing community information. If you search for "Accumulo 1.6 new
features" or "Accumulo 1.6 planning"  you won't find much. I'm thinking of
things like:


-          A place to highlight Accumulo features

-          Major features planned in next release

-          A release happened

-          Explanation of new features, how to configure, etc.

-          Notes from community meetings


  There does appear to be some process mentioned in [2] regarding previews
and approval before publishing. Another thing to consider, which is not
mentioned, is cross-posting to a company blog site as well.





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