I'm not sure of all the differences, but, wrt HBase Cell Level security
(CLS)..while similar..not 100% the same.  If I understand how the HBase CLS
works it's extension to ACL system.  And that ACL is "applied" to a cell.
 In Accumulo's case, it is part of the key.  So the ramification is that in
Accumulo, you can have:

RowID, CF, CQ, VIS1, TS --> Value1
RowID, CF, CQ, VIS2, TS --> Value2

If everything is the same, including the timestamp, the visibility can
actually determine which value to return.  So, a more concrete example
would be:

XXX, METADATA, NAME, everyone,  100--> Bruce Wayne
XXX, METADATA, NAME, alfred-only,  100--> Batman

Where Alfred could/would see both "values"...but, everyone else would only
see "Bruce"

Hope that helps.


PS:  this is my understanding of how HBase CLS works...based on what I have

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