Thanks for the reply Chris.  Say I had the following

RowID     ColumnFamily     Column Qualifier     Value
term         Occurrence~1     doc_id                    1
term         Occurrence~1     count                      10
term2       Occurrence~2      doc_id                     2
term2       Occurrence~2      count                      1

creating a scanner with start key new Key(new Text("term"), new
Text("Occurrence~1")) and end key new Key(new Text("term"), new
Text("Occurrence~1")) I would get an iterator with two entries, the first
key would be doc_id and the second would be count.  Is that accurate?

In regards to the other strategies is there anywhere that some of these are
captured?  Also in the your example, how would you go about getting an
iterator over all terms without duplicates?  Again thanks
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